Deacon Vu's Friends Prayer Group


My Dear friends,

When one of our friends is sick  we will come to visit him regardless of his religion.  When he passes away we will come to his funeral even if he is not in the same religious belief as ours.

So today I would like to invite all of you, my friends, in every religions join with me in the effort of praying for the sick, the elderly, the dying... we pray for them today and they will pray for us someday.

During my service as a Deacon of the Catholic Church, I do the Rite of Committal with Final Commendation in the cemetery for many people. There is one funeral with only two persons attended: his mother and his father and no one else! I was so sad when seeing this. There are many people who were dying and nobody cares for them.

I am sure that the prayers of our friends in Deacon Vu's  Communion Prayer Group will support us when we leave this earth for Heaven.

Our prayers will be in communion with others, when you pray , you pray with Deacon An Vu, by this way your prayer will be in communion of thousands of Deacon Vu's Friends in many countries

The voice of thousands of people praying together would be louder than just one or two, so I invite you join with me in Deacon Vu's Friends Prayer Group.

If  you are Catholic you will join The Communion International Rosary

If you are in other religions just pray according to your own belief.

Or you would pray with me saying:

Love and Peace for everyone, Hope and Happiness to all.

You could join on behalf of your love ones ( living or deceased), and you will contribute prayer for them.


1.Praying everyday whenever and wherever you can: on the way to work, before meals, before sleeping...Pray as much as you can.

2. It is like you have a spiritual insurance. You contribute little but get back much. If you contribute more you and your love ones will get back much much more.

3. Pray with Deacon Vu, he prays Morning 9:00 AM ( Pacific Time)  & Evening 9:00 PM , offering all of your prayer requests to the Creator. If you would like join and to request something email to:

If you can pray with him some minutes prayer at your local time:

USA ( Portland, OR) 9:00 AM + PM Canada: ( Toronto): 12:00 AM + PM France ( Paris): 6:00 AM + PM Norway ( Oslo): 6:00 AM + PM Philippines: ( Manila): 1:00 AM + PM Tanzania ( Dar es Salaam): 8:00 AM + PM Mexico (Mexico City): 11:00 AM + PM Dominican Republic ( Santo Domingo): 11:00 AM + PM Colombia ( Bogota'): 12:00 AM + PM El Salvador ( San Salvador) 11:00 AM + PM India ( New Delhi: 10:30 AM + PM Congo ( Lubumbashi) 7:00 AM + PM Vietnam: 12:00 AM + PM Laos: 12:00 AM + PM Cambodia : 12:00 AM + PM Thailand: 12:00 AM + PM

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